[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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Dear Participants in the Subject "Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?" Vedadhyayana is limited to India only and to no other part of the world.
Are there no jnanis in the other parts of the world? 
Do jnanis exist only in India only?
These two doubts arose in my mind as I was going through the postings pertaining to the above subject matter.
I request kindly all the scholars and knowledgable persons who are strictly wedded to the orthodox sampradaya  in this august group   to  help me in getting this doubt clarified.
With respectful sAShTAMganamaskArams,   Sreenivasa Murthy

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> ‎Namaste
> Jadabharatha studied the Vedas through proper means, as was common to the
> Kings. In his later phase of life he decided to perform austerities to
> attain perfection. However while staying alone in the forest he got
> attached to a deer and was born again.

But is that shāstra adhyayana as well?

> This example is quoted to demonstrate the subtle nature of attachment and
> not to establish the futility of Vedic study in the present life!

That is fine. But that example can be applied to the case of someone who
has not performed shastra adhyayana in the current life and yet is a jnani
since birth itself and even gives upadesha.

>> Even if we do accept that the proper study of Shastras in previous janma
> has led to a sudden burst of understanding in this janma, we need to
> ascertain the previous janma of Ramana. That obviously is not possible as
> there is no Rishi like Vyasa among us who could see the gati of Karma, past
> and present.

There is no such requirement of knowing the immediate or remote previous
lives of jnanis. For example the case of Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati
Swamiji as stated by his Disciple Swamiji. Going by the above: 1. It would
be impossible to gain aparoksha jnana by anyone since there is no jnani at
all.The teaching by Krishna: 'Approach Jnanis and seek the Knowledge and
they will teach'  will be a waste since there will be no one called Jnanis.
In fact one reason for the acceptance of Jivan mukti is to enable the
dissemination of jnana to others.

 2. After the period of Vyasa, and outside the Mahabharata and Brahma
sutras, no one can become a jnani and the vedanta shastra is of no use in
the present day!! The sutra stated is not confined to the instances in the
Upanishads but a guideline for all times.


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