[Advaita-l] Ramana Maharshi - Advaitin or Neo Advaitin?

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> Are there no jnanis in the other parts of the world?

​If you mean such persons who know about aikya, which can't be known
through any other means:
and they don't have access to veda-s directly or indirectly(smR^iti-s,
purANa-s, translations, lectures, etc.):
Then the answer is no.
If you are not sure,
Then the answer is that we are not sure too.
If you are sure that they may have some type of access;
Then the answer is yes, possibly their are GYAnI-s elsewhere.​

> Do jnanis exist only in India only?
​Anywhere they can exist. They may have chosen to fly to live in USA after
gaining GYAna here;
or they may have found means there and gained knowledge there.

You need to understand that believing 'I'm brahman' because some
person(sha~NkarAchArya or your teacher or your book) said, and it appears
convincing because they use some technical and tough language with some
logic; is not enough. We are not talking about that.
If you understand that much, you are welcome to find what validity of GYAna
is what their means is and why they are important.


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