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> Similarly, the vedA does not generate knowledge subject to
> 1) the acceptance on its pramANatvam by the pramAta or
> 2) the pramAta's attribution of the knowledge generated by shruti, to
> shruti;
> If the pramAta, pramANa and prameya, are appropriately aligned, knowledge
> is automatically generated. Now, the pramAta may refuse to accept the
> generated knowledge as pramA, or take efforts to preserve the knowledge
> generated; however, the capacity of the pramANa to generate the jnAna
> vritti is a given.

The answer, IMO, lies in the definition of pramAtR/ प्रमाता, else ज्ञान
would arise even without साधनचातुष्टयसम्पत्ति। One of the qualifications is
श्रद्धा, which although defined by तत्त्वबोध as गुरुवेदान्तवाक्येषु
विश्वासः, its not just a belief. It has to grow into प्रामाण्यबुद्धि। For
श्रवण to take place, there has to be तात्पर्यनिर्णय। Without that, ज्ञान
cannot arise.

And even if some form of ज्ञानवृत्ति is formed, it is not अखण्ड। Further,
as you say the person may reject it perhaps as भ्रम। At most it may become
some kind of impression for स्मृति।

--Praveen R. Bhat
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