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> Btw, how does advaitins justify apauruSheyatva concept in general? The
> reason I am asking is that when this entire jagat is considered as arOpita
> and a brAnti, and it is partiyOgi for niShEda, then is there any real
> meaning for apauruSheyatva or otherwise? apauruSheyatva make sense only for
> someone who is realists. One cannot argue apauruSheyatva is valid now (in
> vyavahAra) but not later. Let's not forget, this jagat is pratiyOgi for
> negation in all three time frames  (trikAlika-nishEdha) including in this
> vyavahAra. So there is no point in arguing apauruSheyatva is valid now but
> not later. There is no temporal aspect to validity itself. If something is
> found/attested to be valid (via svatastva route) it is valid always. If
> there is no niSchaya in its validity to begin with, it may be rendered
> aprAmANya later, that is ok.  But cannot get invalidated after it has got
> such niSchayatva.

Advaitins will follow Meemaamsakas in Vyavahaara. Therefore Vedas are

Later means after Vyavahara has ended the question of Apaurusheyatva
will not arise. Because who will be there to ask and who will be there
to answer?
Another answer is after Vyavahara has ended there will not be words,
debates, question and answers, and no Vedas also. If there are no
Vedas the
author becomes a Vandhya Putra or Shasha Vishana.

In a dream we can accept validity of a Pramana. But it will not mean
we are accepting validity always and even after dream is over. You may
have a close friend in dream. You will believe his sayings in the
dream because it is Apta Vaakya for you in dream. It is a Pramana. But
when you wake up you may not believe him.

> Has this issue been addressed in any classical works?
> /sv
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