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DLI has a book 'Vemanapadya Samskrutanuvadah'. Very interesting nice
Sanskrit Slokas are found in this book. Srirama Desikan has put
Vemana's Telugu Padya into Sanskrit Slokas. I am translating some into

Some examples follow.

ब्रह्मज्ञानात् भवेद्विप्रः तद्विहीनो द्विजेतरः ।
श्रुतिसिद्धमिदं ज्ञानाद्वाल्मीकिर्ब्रह्मतां ययौ ॥

A person becomes Brahmin by Brahma Jnana. Without it he is not even a
Dvija. This is established in Sruti. With Jnana Valmiki became
Brahman. We have to remember Valmiki wrote not only Ramayana but also
Yoga Vasishtha book on Brahma Jnana.

मनोनिग्रहशीलस्य वनवासो वृथा श्रमः ।
एकाग्रचित्तो निष्कामी परमं द्रष्टुमर्हति ॥

Living in a forest is useless for a person practicing control of mind.
With one pointed mind and not desiring anything he is fit to
experience the Highest.

मूढो लब्धं सुखं भुङ्क्ते दुःखे दैवं विनिन्दति ।
चित्तशुद्धौ भवेत्सौख्यम् अन्यथा जीवनं वृथा ॥
A fool will enjoy happiness but when he is in sorrow he will scold and
abuse God. Happiness is in Citta Suddhi the mind purification
otherwise life is useless.

स्वदुष्कृतिमनालोच्य विस्मृत्य जगतः प्रभुम् ।
अज्ञा भोगेच्छया पुत्रान् जनयन्ति दिने दिने ॥

Ignorant people will not consider their own bad actions and they will
forget the Lord of the World. They will produce children everyday with
desire for enjoyment. Now also we hear some community in society are
against family planning. They want to produce more and more children
with more than one wife and increase the population even now with 7.4
billion people in the world.

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