[Advaita-l] Why did Krishna said that he was unable to repeat Gita?

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(Anugita Parva)
Vaisampayana said, "The son of Pritha (Arjuna), having recovered his own kingdom, joyously
spent his time, without doing anything else, in the company of Krishna, his heart filled with delight,
in that palace of celestial beauty. One day, those two listlessly proceeded to a particular part of the
palace that looked, O king, like a veritable portion of Heaven. Themselves filled with delight, they
were then surrounded by their relatives and attendents. Pandu's son, Arjuna, filled with joy in the
company of Krishna, surveyed that delightful mansion, and then addressed his companion, saying,
'O – mighty-armed one, thy greatness became known to me upon the approach of the battle. O son
of Devaki, thy form also, as the Lord of the universe, then became known to me! What thy holy self
said unto me at that time, O Kesava, through affection, has all been forgotten by me, O chief of
men, in consequence of the fickleness of my mind. Repeatedly, however, have I been curious on the
subject of those truths. Thou again, O Madhava, wilt repair to Dwaraka soon.'
Vaisampayana continued, 'Thus addressed by him, Krishna of mighty energy, that foremost of
speakers, embraced Phalguna and replied unto him as follows.
'Vasudeva said, 'I made thee listen to truths that are regarded as mysteries. I imparted to thee truths
that are eternal. Verily, I discoursed to thee on Religion in its true form and on all the eternal regions.
It is exceedingly disagreeable to me to learn that thou didst not, from folly, receive what I
imparted. The recollection of all that I told thee on that occasion will not come to me now. Without
doubt, O son of Pandu, thou art destitute of faith and thy understanding is not good. It is impossible
for me, O Dhananjaya, to repeat, in detail, all that I said on that occasion. That religion (about
which I discoursed to thee then) is more than sufficient for understanding Brahma. I cannot discourse
on it again in detail. I discoursed to thee on Supreme Brahma, having concentrated myself in
Yoga. I shalt now, however, recite to thee an old history upon the same topic. O foremost of all persons,
observant of duty, listen to everything I now say, so that, with an understanding adapted to my
teaching, thou mayst succeed in attaining to the highest end. O chastiser of foes, on one occasion, a
Brahmana came to us from the regions of Heaven. Of irresistible energy, he came from the regions
of the Grandsire. He was duly reverenced by us. Listen. O son of Pritha, without yielding to scruples
of any kind, to what he, O chief of Bharata's race, said, in answer to our enquiries, agreeably to
heavenly forms.'

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