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Namaste.Both Consciousness (‘Atman’) and the indweller’ ()’Antharyami’’ are common to guru and disciples and both don’t need and are not connected with  realisation due to obvious reasons. What separates them is the individuality. If guru has  realised, the realisation should have happened in his ‘antha karana’ or inner faculty in which the individuality would have existed before his realisation. Thus it is logical that the disciples or any other individual not get realisation .   

Obviously,  Gross body does not get realisation. The left over entity is the subtle body which  always exists with the ‘causal body’ and so we will no more take the later separately for this discussion. Subtle body with its constituents namely, five ‘karmendriyas’ + five ‘gyanendriyas’ + five ‘pranas’ + the inner faculty that is broadly and functionally understood as ‘mana’, ‘buddi’, ‘chitta’ and ‘ahankara’. Ahankara is the locus of the three major notions ‘i’, ‘me’ and ‘my’ and three major functions namely ‘doer’, experiencer’ and’knower’. Hence, the notion of individuality would have been in the ‘antha karana’ only. ‘Knower’ understand Vedanta and the Self ignorance goes away and it is only realisation.

Individuality arise  due to a strong ‘I’ notion precipitated  in the anthakarana of the jiva and binds strongly the ‘the subtle body’ of the jiva.  From the ‘I’ notion, the notion due to ignorance goes away because of Self knowledge and what remain is ‘I’ that is nothing but the Consciousness.

To sum up, Atman need not get realisation, the individual as long as the individuality cannot get realisation, so with the ‘ego’. For the subtle understanding purpose, we should derive the implied meaning of the sentence : realisation is not ‘of’ the ego, not ‘by’ the ego  it is not ‘for’ the ego also, but it is ‘from’ the ego 

Kartikji, you may also see my website : http://saipaduka.org/ and the synopsis of the manual of Self knowledge (Own Your Self & Enjoy Completeness) for much more matter on this subject.


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When a Guru attains self realization, why does at least his disciples not as well. Since the consciousness is the same in the Guru and in the disciple and/or (another perspective) the same inner dweller in both, why is the disciple deprived?
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