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praNAms Sri Chandramouli prabhuji

Hare krishna

 Reg  << So, there is a pravrutti of the indriya-s in jnAni due to karma prAbalyaM. >>,

Why use the word “ due to” ??  Sri Bhagavatpada has not said so. The two are independent.

Ø  As you know Shankara in the bhAshya talks about ‘karma bala’ when insisting about pravrutti of vAk, mana and kAya (indriya)  in ‘samyak jnAni’.  And I am still not about the understand vAsana which is not the result of karma phala.  Any bhAshya reference to understand this in this context??

Reg  << I think this will not do justice to ‘pravrutti’ of vAng manaH kAya of the jnAni and as a result  kAma – krOdha of the jnAni which some traditionalists believe inevitable.>>,

 I repeat. “pravrutti” relates to vAsanAs and not prArabdha karma phala.

Ø  Kindly share your understanding with regard to bruhadAraNyaka up. bhAshya 1.4.7 with regard to difference between karma phala and vAsana.  Then I may get the clear picture of these terms.

 Reg  << There is demarcation between Atma vidyA (pAramArthika jnana) and establishment in brahmAnanda and you are implying that for the first fallout of vidyA is applicable to all and second fallout has to be achieved with further sAdhana !!??  So, realizing Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana)  is something different from AtmAnanda (mOksha).>>,

mOksha is also understood as “liberation from future births”. That is ensured with “realizing Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana)”. What I have further differentiated is between “Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana)   “ and  “being continuously established in Atmaikatva vidyA (jnana) “.

Ø  Realizing the svarUpa jnana is the first step and then maintaining that jnana or continuously being established in that jnana is the subsequent step which needs an effort.  This is what I have to understand by this differentiation between realizing the Atma vidyA and being in that vidyA continuously??  If possible please elaborate how this effort to continuously establishing in brahma vidyA is something different from prasaNkhyAna??  Na chaivaM AtmAnaM anubhavataH kiMchit anyat krutyaM avashishyate clarifies bhAshyakAra somewhere.  Anyway, I shall wait for your further clarification with regard to this prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!


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