[Advaita-l] Visheshana and Lakshana

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Sun Dec 17 06:26:46 EST 2017

Shri Subrahmanianji,

Many thanks Anand ji, for the reply.  The nyāyakośa reference is
interesting. By 'Vedantins', do they mean only Advaitins?  If yes, we have
a situation where a non-vedantic philosophy recognizing the Advaitin alone
as 'Vedantin.'  A few years ago HH Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamin had given a
talk in which he listed several instances of non-vedantic texts referring
to Advaitins alone as 'Vedantins.'

The nyAyakosha is a relatively modern work, by Mm Bhimacharya Jhalakikar,
published by BORI in 1928. Earlier editions are also available. The author
refers to advaitins as mAyavAdins usually. By VedAntins in the present
context, he perhaps means advaitins and vishiShTAdvaitins (besides others
such as bhedAbhedavAdins, shuddha-advaitavAdins, etc.), who also maintain
that there is an all inclusive Brahman through the aMsha-aMshI relation or
sheSha-sheShI relation, for example.

nyAyakosha download:



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