[Advaita-l] Did Shri Rama really abandon Sita?

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 Thank you for sharing this. The sorrow of separation is imminent whether it's Rama or any other human because of the obvious death. So even if Rama and Sita lived happily for sahasra varsha, they have to be separated in the end. When a romantic couple are separated, there is pain/sympathy. But when a husband abandons a helpless wife(that too while pregnant), I am not certain as to what feeling it evokes in the reader of the kavya. Outrage, maybe?
So even from a Kavya perspective, considering all the points you have made, sitaparityaga seems out of place. 
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 .....Although I am not sure if tragedy leads to vairagya or sadness/depression..

My AchAryA’s words :
क्रौञ्चीं उद्दिश्य वाल्मीकिः यद अवोचत, तत्र करुणावाचक पदानि क्रौञ्चीं उद्दिश्य संबोधनं न भवति । 
किन्तु क्रौञ्चीं विषये तेन अनुभूतः शोकः तस्य हृदयं द्रवीकृतं । द्रतहृदयः आदिकविः व्याधं शपति । 
व्याधविषये तस्य क्रोधः क्रौञ्चीविषये करुणः संजातः । तस्मात व्यञ्जना वृत्या अत्र करुणरस्य स्थायिभावः 
"शोकः" इति स्वीकरणीयः । अत्र अभिधायाः / लक्षणाया वा गतिः नास्ति । 
एतेन श्लोकेन श्रीमद्रामायणस्य विशादान्तं निर्णीतम् ।
The curse that was uttered by the Sage Valmiki out of anger has suggestive sense 
(vyanjanA vritti) that has 2 emotions viz., one in the form of anger directed towards the 
hunter and the other in the form of compassion directed towards the birds. 
Thus, the base of compassion rests on ‘sorrow’ (sthAyi bhAva).  In order to evoke this 
sthAyi-bhAva, the tragedy has to be maintained all throughout the 7 cantos in the form 
of विषाद.  आत्यन्तिक वियोग (extreme separation) evokes विषाद.  Hence, क्रौञ्च वध, राज्यभ्रष्टत्व, 
दशरथमरण, अयोध्यापरित्याग, सीतापहरण, वालिवध (separation from sugriva), 
रावणवध (separation from mandodari), सीतापरित्याग has to be enacted. 

And, this विषाद, if maintained through out the study, gradually leads to 
वैराग्य because it transforms into विषादयोग. 

And this is the purpose of आदिकाव्यं.

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