[Advaita-l] Did Shri Rama really abandon Sita?

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Namaste. you can quote this reply wherever needed.
 Yes it is addition to main Ramayan much later by a poet named Bhavbhuti in
his work: Uttar Rama charita. It is more of fiction work and prior to this
there is no mention till 1st century bc.
 The fact can be verified when one reads Bhattiya s work written in second
century bc by the name Ravan Vadhiyam, it does not mention Ram abandoning

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>  Namaste,
> A little off-topic. I have heard many people say that Ramayana ends with
> Shri Rama coming back to Ayodhya, united with Sita. There are many other
> books/Puranas where Ramayana is recited briefly. All of those accounts end
> with Rama uniting with Sita. However, the more recent versions end with
> Shri Rama abandoning Sita because some woodcutter said something. It is
> strange because Sita had underwent Agnipariksha right after Rama slays
> Ravana. Rama clarifies that, he put her into agni-pariksha although he knew
> she was chaste, so that people may know about her devotion and to clear her
> name.
> Was Shri Rama, the maryada purushottama abandon his dharma-patni because
> some random woodcutter gossiped about her? Even common folk won't do such a
> thing. It is strange. I feel like this woodcutter story was added later to
> undermine/insult Rama/faith in Rama.
> Any leads or opinions on this matter?
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