[Advaita-l] Is jagat pure consciousness?

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I use a simple light example in my talks to illustrate how Jagat is Brahman. 
The white light has seven colors - VIBGYOR - Violet to Red. However, even though the same light is illumining all the objects equally; some look Red and some Violent. 
The object looks Red because it absorbs all colors of the VIBGYOR except Red while the other looks, Violet, because it absorbs all colors except Violet. If all colors are absorbed the object looks black and if none of the colors are observed but they are reflected the object looks white.
The Brahman with SAT, CHIT, and ANANDA - illuminies the gross objects only SAT gets reflected while CHIT and ANANDA are not. Hence all inert object exhibits existence only - Gross matter of Jagat can reflect existence only. 
If the object is subtle, not only SAT but CHIT gets reflected, but not ANANDA. The reflection of CHIT is called chidaabhaasa. By reflecting CHIT and SAT, the mind exhibits both existence and consciousness. 
ANANDA also gets reflected by the mind which is calm and serene or unperturbed by vRittis - as it happens in deep sleep state or in the mind that is purified. 
If that purified mind gets the knowledge of Brahman, then that mind has no more wrong notions that I am = This. We call that mind as Jeevan mukta. 
The interesting thing is one cannot see the light even though without light one cannot see anything else. However when light illumines an object the object (jagat) is seen. Same applies to the Light of Consciousness. One cannot SEE the light of consciousness or Brahman, However, without the Light of Consciousness no object or jagat can be SEEN or perceived. Equally important is I need an object to recognize the presence the illuminating light. If there is no object anywhere then even when there is light one cannot recognize it. Same way, I need Vritti or mind (with or without thoughts) to RECOGNIZE the light of consciousness that I am using Chidaabhaasa or reflection by the mind or the Vritti. Hence kenopanishat says - pratibodha viditam matam - it is revealed in every thought. The only problem is we have to open our third eye to recognize it. 
Vedanta also tells us the jagat 'as though' comes from Brahman, even though nothing can come from Brahman.  The dream creation along what the dream Jagat is provided to illustrate the mechanism.  Just as in dream creation,  the whole dream world comes from the mind due to appropriate vaasanas because of the nidra shakti. Jagat comes because of maaya shakti. 
Everything is self-consistent.
Just my 2c.
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 YR bhaskar wrote:

So is jagat totally consciousness or is it consciousness minus gross and subtle?

Hare Krishna
Jagat is the vishesha darshana of that nirvishesha brahman so says bhAshyakAra.  And brahman is the material and efficient cause for this charAchara jagat.  Satyancha anrutancha satyamabhavat yadidaM kiMcha says shruti.  But we have to keep in mind that this jagat is pariNAmi nitya as it undergoes vyaktAvyakta rUpa whereas brahman is its kUtastha nitya.  In short, ring and bangles are gold only as there is no separate existence for ring and gold apart from gold but gold is neither ring nor bangle.  When there is no bangle / ring still gold can be there whereas when there is no gold no question of existence of ring and bangle.  
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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