[Advaita-l] Did an Advaitin plot to murder Ramanuja?

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> > There is a wide spread belief among Ramanuja's followers that Yadava
> > Prakasha, an advaitin, under whom Ramanuja started his tutelage, plotted
> to
> > murder the latter. However, there appears to be some disagreement in this
> > regard. Some feel that Yadava Prakasha was not an Advaitin. There is
> Śrī Rāmānuja lived (according to his tradition, with no dispute that one
> is aware of) to the age of 120, completing two full 60-year cycles in his
> lifetime.  Therefore, at the very least, a murder (if there was one) did
> not cut his life too short.  Secondly, if Yādava Prakāśa was Ramanuja’s
> tutor, then he must have been even older, and must have waited for the
> better part of a century to carry out his heinous deed, which is surely a
> serious tax on any sensible person’s credulity.

I did not mean that Ramanuja was indeed murdered. What I said, basing on
popular story about Ramanuja, is that Yadava Prakasha *plotted* to murder
him during a pilgrimage.


//Yadavaprakasa did not like Ramanuja coming up and wanted to kill him. So
he made a plan along with his other disciples to take a pilgrimage(holy
tour) and on the way kill Ramanuja and go to ganga and get rid of the sin.

On an auspicious day all the students with Yadavaprakasa started the holy
tour. After a few days, when they reached the vidhya mountains in central
India, Yadavaprakasa decided that it was the right time to kill Ramanuja
and started acting on his plan. Somehow Ramanuja's cousin came to know
about this plan and told Ramanuja to escape. Ramanuja immediately took the
advice of his cousin and ran inside the forest.

Yadavaprakasa and the other disciples started searching for Ramanuja and
Govinda also acted as if he did not know anything about this. After some
time they concluded some animal would have killed Ramanuja and continued
their pilgrimage.


After Ramanuja escaped into the forest, he ran for a long distance and sat
below a tre to take some rest. He was so tired that he fell asleep
immediately. After some time when he woke up he found the sun setting in
the west. He thanked Lord Varadarja Perumal of kancheepuram for saving his



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