[Advaita-l] Sixteen essential qualities of Jagadguru

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praNAms Sri Jay Kumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

>  As Sri subbu prabhuji said it is an article collected by Sri pramod bharadwaj prabhuji.  The source / author of that article might be known through him only.  

>  However, if I am not a nitpicker, would like to share  some observations  on the following lakshaNa of the jagadguru.

3. He is filled with Vairagya and gives up all worldly pleasures and luxuries.

>  While vairagya is the internal quality of the jagadguru-s,  the worldly pleasures and luxuries are the facilities provided to jagadguru-s who are also being  peetAdhipati-s / maTAdhipati-s.  To reach people, to give darshana, bless their devotees and to visit various places quickly they travel from one place to another in luxurious cars.  Devotees / disciples would provide them room-coolers, fans, AC-s and well cushioned thrones while delivering the discourses.  They wear costliest fabrics and ornaments including crown on special occasions as a traditional mutt  formality.  And sometime back I was stunned after hearing that some jagadguru-s regular wear saffron robes would cost around 15K to 20 K !!  Though how much they attached / detached themselves to these luxuries they only know for the on-lookers these things would appear luxurious only and not essentials. Anyway, while it is another argument that they deserve all these than anybody else on this earth and their followers / shishya vrunda  would like to provide and decorate them like that, outside critics would always wonder why  these vairAgya mUrthy-s need comforts and luxuries like this !!  And as a matter of fact some jagadguru-s suddenly would vanish from public darshana / public stage ignoring the long awaiting queue just to give special darshana or  to have some clandestine  meeting with some popular politician or film actor !!  I myself was the eye witness of this event some years back here in Bengaluru :-) 

>  and finally, IMHO,  when prArabdha is the force that even paramArtha jnAni could not escape, drawing the categorical  characteristics of jagadguru-s and expecting that in some personalities is to the extent an uncanny way of determining the jagadguru-s.  

>  Kindly pardon me if I said anything wrong.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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Namaskarams to all.

While it is a very useful, comprehensive and an   informative posting to the
seekers of 'moksha'  (at all stages),  by Sri V Subramanian,  the significance of the 16 points would get reinforced with authenticity if the source is made known. Whether  they are  referred in the article by some scholar or the views of a great individual. if so, name of the source or the individual may please be let known .


S K Jayakumar


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