[Advaita-l] Sixteen essential qualities of Jagadguru

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Thu Jun 8 00:21:09 EDT 2017

There are two types of Sanyasa. They are Vividisha Sanyasa and Vidwat Sanyasa. Those having Vividisha Sanyasa should avoid luxuries like costly clothes, eating rich and festival food, jewelry, speaking to young women and so on. Those having Vidwat Sanyasa have already realized. They may or may not avoid luxuries. There is no difference for them.

Some Dvaiti Sanyasis may even travel with the Poorvashrama wife and she will also get many gifts from people.

Hare Krishna

Well, I donot want to stretch this issue further as it may hurt the sentiments of most of us who are closely associated with maTha-s and peeTa-s.  In short, it may be noted when one take the formal saNyAsa  in a traditional way, he too has to follow some rules and regulations ( do's and don'ts ) and he cannot be a svechhAchAri or Ishaaraami... with regard to this there would be some interesting discussion about this in shankara's Itareya introductory bhAshya.   However, prArabdha influence in the life of these vidvat sanyasi-s would provide more flexibility to their life style.  

With this I shall stop.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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