[Advaita-l] 'I do not know' is bhāvarūpa ajnana

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Mon Jun 12 05:11:32 EDT 2017

Hare Krishna

If deep sleep state is considered as sva-svarUpa sthithi, how does liberating knowledge ( svarUpa jnAna) attained in jAgrat, differs from It?

>  Well, if you search the archives you will come to know mUlAvidyA / kAraNAvidyA / bhAva rUpa avidyA  vAda is  a popular  theory atleast among later vyAkhyAnakAra-s though there is no such a provision in mUla bhAshya of bhagavatpAda to understand this avidyA in vyAkhyAnakAras' way :-)  This time it has again come out with a fresh reference from Advaita siddhi that's it :-) 

> And to your question, it is to be noted that there is no such a difference between prAjnA and tureeya (sushuptAtma and tureeya) prAjnA as vishva in jAgrat avastha needs to know that he is tureeya only in sushupti through shravaNAdi sAdhana.  Since antaHkaraNa / upAdhi is subsided (upashamana) in sushuptAvasthA this sAdhana is not possible to know / realize that he is indeed tureeya irrespective of the avasthA-s.  Hence it has been admitted in sushuptA avasthA though there is ekatvaM / adviteeyatvaM  ( prAjnastu parameshwaraH and he is nitya nivrutta avidyatvAt) there is lack (abhAva) of this knowledge (jnAnAbhAva) which needs to be eradicated in the jAgrat avasthA sAdhana.  And point again to be noted here is 'not knowing (jnAnAbhAva) does not come in the way of 'ekatvaM' in sushuptA.  Hence shruti says : satisampadyanaviduH satisaMpadyAmahe.  

>  plenty of discussion material available on these issues ( including Sri SSS's mulAvidyAnirAsa, sugamA, shankara vedAnta prakriya bhAskara, vedAntaprakriya pratyabhigjnA etc.) and counter attacks as well on this 'asaMpradAyik stand' :-) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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