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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> If deep sleep state is considered as sva-svarUpa sthithi, how does
> liberating knowledge ( svarUpa jnAna) attained in jAgrat, differs from It?
> >  Well, if you search the archives you will come to know mUlAvidyA /
> kAraNAvidyA / bhAva rUpa avidyA  vAda is  a popular  theory atleast among
> later vyAkhyAnakAra-s though there is no such a provision in mUla bhAshya
> of bhagavatpAda

Yes, agreed

> to understand this avidyA in vyAkhyAnakAras' way :-)  This time it has
> again come out with a fresh reference from Advaita siddhi that's it :-)
> > And to your question, it is to be noted that there is no such a
> difference between prAjnA and tureeya (sushuptAtma and tureeya) prAjnA as
> vishva in jAgrat avastha needs to know that he is tureeya only in sushupti
> through shravaNAdi sAdhana.


> Since antaHkaraNa / upAdhi is subsided (upashamana) in sushuptAvasthA this
> sAdhana is not possible to know / realize that he is indeed tureeya
> irrespective of the avasthA-s.  Hence it has been admitted in sushuptA
> avasthA though there is ekatvaM / adviteeyatvaM  ( prAjnastu parameshwaraH
> and he is nitya nivrutta avidyatvAt) there is lack (abhAva) of this
> knowledge (jnAnAbhAva) which needs to be eradicated in the jAgrat avasthA
> sAdhana.  And point again to be noted here is 'not knowing (jnAnAbhAva)
> does not come in the way of 'ekatvaM' in sushuptA.  Hence shruti says :
> satisampadyanaviduH satisaMpadyAmahe.


> >  plenty of discussion material available on these issues ( including Sri
> SSS's mulAvidyAnirAsa, sugamA, shankara vedAnta prakriya bhAskara,
> vedAntaprakriya pratyabhigjnA etc.) and counter attacks as well on this
> 'asaMpradAyik stand' :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> Thanks

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