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Oh yes. Nice explanation. Thank you.

**The gita upadesh is thus also beyond time

It reminds me of catuHsloki bhAgavat where bhagavan viShNu gives updesha to
bhagavAn brahmA jI before brahmA jI begins creation.

I have typed a gist in gujarati here

It is from sastu sAhitya publication.

​Hari ​


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> On Tue, 20 Jun 2017, Sujal Upadhyay via Advaita-l wrote:
> When bhagavAn says, he is both time and *beyond time*, what I understand
>> is, bhagavAn or KRShNa is both sAkAra and nirAkAra or saguNa and nirguNa.
> Yes.  And He wants Arjuna to understand that it is true of himself too.
> Thus in 4.1 Krishna Bhagavan explains that this same teaching that He is
> imparting to Arjuna at the specific moment of the commencement of battle at
> the specific place of Kurukshetra was in the distant past taught by Him to
> Vivasvat who taught it to Manu who taught it to Ikshvaku the ancestors of
> Arjunas own surya vamsha. (Thus equivalent to his own self.)  The gita
> upadesh is thus also beyond time.
> But owing to the corrosive effects of Bhagavans maya in the form of time,
> the teaching gets lost (4.2) But Bhagavan in his krpa takes birth in every
> age to ensure that it is known once again. (4.5 - 4.8)
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