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> When bhagavAn says, he is both time and *beyond time*, what I understand
> is, bhagavAn or KRShNa is both sAkAra and nirAkAra or saguNa and nirguNa.

Yes.  And He wants Arjuna to understand that it is true of himself too. 
Thus in 4.1 Krishna Bhagavan explains that this same teaching that He is 
imparting to Arjuna at the specific moment of the commencement of battle 
at the specific place of Kurukshetra was in the distant past taught by Him 
to Vivasvat who taught it to Manu who taught it to Ikshvaku the ancestors 
of Arjunas own surya vamsha. (Thus equivalent to his own self.)  The gita 
upadesh is thus also beyond time.

But owing to the corrosive effects of Bhagavans maya in the form of time, 
the teaching gets lost (4.2) But Bhagavan in his krpa takes birth in every 
age to ensure that it is known once again. (4.5 - 4.8)

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