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Even Srikantha (Nilkanthacharya, Siva-nilkanthacharya) was during time of

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> Namaste,
> Vallabhacharya ji and also Acharya Baldeva Vidyabhushan has written
> commentaries on Brahma Sutra.
> OM
> Sujal
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>> Namaste
>> Vaadiraaja has written Yuktimallika very proudly and this work is
>> considered by Madhva scholars as his very best. It is superior in all
>> respects than other books like Nyayaratnavali. In this book he has put up
>> his best effort in his life.
>> We can now see how he is criticizing Advaita.
>> In the last Sloka 1-9 he is boasting Madhva Siddhanta came at the end of
>> all Brahma Sutra Bhashyas. The Bauddha and Jaina Matas were Poorva Paksha
>> for Advaita, Visistadvaita and so on. Madhva's BSB is the last written
>> Sutra Bhashya. No other Bhashya is there after it. Therefore Madhva's BSB
>> is the final Siddhanta of all philosophies.
>> अन्ते सिद्धस्तु सिद्धान्तो मध्वस्यागम एव हि ।
>> निर्णेतुं शक्यते युक्तायुक्तपक्षविमर्शिभिः ॥ १-९ गुणसौरभ
>> The finally proved Philosophy is the Siddhanta. This is Madhva Mata only.
>> This can be decided by scholars knowing the Yukta and Ayukta of
>> philosophy.
>> अस्मादुत्तरपक्षोऽन्यो यस्मान्नद्यापि दृश्यते ।
>> तस्मात् स एव सिद्धान्त इति निश्चित्य चेतसा ॥ १-१०
>> अवलम्ब्य मतं सर्वोन्नतं श्रुतिपुरस्कृतम् ।
>> मयेत्थं युक्तिरुचिना क्रियते युक्तिमल्लिका ॥ १-११
>> There is no other Brahma Sutra Bhashya coming after Madhva's Bhashya seen
>> even today. Therefore Madhva Mata is the final Siddhanta and I have
>> decided
>> this in my mind. I am depending on this excellent and superior Mata
>> agreeing with the Vedas and I am writing this YUKTIMALLIKA having interest
>> in Logic and Reasoning in the said manner as before.
>> Response - Final Brahma Sutra Bhashya is by Madhva is not correct because
>> there are others like Gaudiya Bhashya. Another point is we can say Advaita
>> was the final Siddhanta and others coming later were only challenging it.
>> The later Bhashyas cannot become Siddhanta simply because they came later.
>> The challenge to Advaita was unsuccessful.
>> Then Vaadiraaja is immediately coming to attack Advaita.
>> त्वं चण्डालः पशुर्म्लेच्छः चोरो जारः खरः कपिः ।
>> कुण्डो गोलक इत्याद्या या निन्दा लोकसम्मताः ।
>> ताः सर्वाः सर्वजीवैक्यवादे स्युर्हि परात्मनि ॥ १-१२
>> You are Candala,beast, Mleccha - flesh eating foreigner, thief,
>> debaucherous person - having illegitamate sex, donkey, monkey, son of
>> a prostitute, son of a widow and so on - all these abusive words used by
>> people. All these abusive words are aimed at Paramatma Himself because you
>> Advaiti is saying all Jeevas are not different from and same as Paramatma
>> -
>> God.
>> Here the Teekakaara is giving a Sloka. Who is Kunda? Who is Golaka ? Both
>> are illegitimate sons but there is a difference.
>> परदारेषु जायेते तौ सुतौ कुण्डगोलकौ ।
>> पत्यौ जीवति कुण्डः स्यात् मृते भर्तरि गोलकः ॥ मनुः
>> Sons illegitimately born in another man's wife are Kunda and
>> Golaka. Illegitimate son born to another man's wife when her husband is
>> living is Kunda. Illegitimate son born to a wife of a dead man is Golaka.
>> ब्रह्मैव हीनयोनीस्ताः प्राप्य स्वेनैव कर्मणा ।
>> संसरेच्चेदियं सर्वा गाली कस्य गले वद ॥ १-१३
>> Because of His own sinful actions Brahman is born in sinful births and He
>> is caught in Samsaara cycle of birth and death. If you accept this tell me
>> who is the OBJECT of all Gaalis - abusive words? In whose neck will all
>> the
>> abusive words fall?
>> Response - Simple answer is Advaitis accept Loka Vyavahaara. We cannot mix
>> that with Paramartha Brahman and say all Jeevas are same. Therefore your
>> bank account is my bank account, your wife is my wife, your site and house
>> is my site and house because we are all same. No. This is not Advaita at
>> all. The Sruti has said 'Yatra hi Dvaitamiva Bhavati Tad Itara Itaram
>> Pashyati'. In LokaVyavahaara there will be Dvaita and Bheda also. The
>> Candala, Mleccha, Jaara, Donkey, Monkey, Randaa Putra, Vidhava Putra are
>> all different and not same. Paramatma is also different from them.
>> Therefore abusive words will be for a particular person but not to
>> Paramatma.
>> Requesting scholars to kindly respond with more details and finer points.
>> Regards
>> -Venkatesh
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