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Namaste Srinathji,

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> In shruti vAkya 'atra vEdA avEdAH' , Dvaitins do not consider the term
> as a text, but rather as a verb. Why so? There is a background behind this
> interpretation.

By no stretch of imagination can a noun be replaced by a verb whose letters
are different resorting to vyutpattiH of the word given by the quoted
Shruti or vyAkaraNa!

Pray tell by which vyAkaraNasUtra did Dvaitins change the word vedAH to
veda? There are no sandhi rules to help you out here like making tattvamasi
atattvamasi. There are the following flaws in this--
--masculine noun vedAH in plural cannot be a verb veda.
--even considering an impossible form vedA there, it would be feminine
singular with completely unrelated meaning (as being related to a river!
Else it cannot be formed out of the masculine gha~n or ach pratyayaH
yielding vedaH in singular and vedAH in plural). And then you will still
have to explain how you arrived at hrasvaH akAraH of veda from dIrghaH
AkAraH of vedA.


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