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Sorry the ref - prajahAti yadA kAmAn sarvAn pArtha manogatAm I.e all all
vAsanA-s are inside mind is in B.G. 2.55

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BhagavAn in gItA ch 15 says - prajahAti yadA kAmAn sarvAn pArtha manogatAm
I.e all all vAsanA-s are inside mind.
So manonAsha implies vAsanAkshaya.
In vivekachuDAmaNi it is said destruction of desires is nothing but

Since spirituality is direct feeling with mind, mind is given high
importance in sAdhanA. Understanding happens inside mind only. It is the
mind that experiences freedom or peace. Experience is due to mind. If there
is no desire I.e. vAsanA then mind is already destroyed. Even the desire of
Moksha has to be finally dropped. Similarly if destruction of mind I.e.
manonAsha happens, then vAsanAkshaya I.e. destruction of desires
automatically happens.

If there is no mind there is no ego too. All three are interconnected.

Hari OM

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Hari Om,

It is said that vaasanaakShaya (वासनाक्षय) and manonaasha (मनोनाश) are
required for jeevana mukti (जीवन मुक्ति).

My doubt is:  If manonaasha happens, then does not it automatically lead to

Are vaasanaakShaya and manonaasha independent?

thank you and regards
-- durga prasad
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