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Durga Prasad - PraNAms
manonaasha occurs only when a jeevan mukta has videhamukti.
Mind will be there as long as life is there. 
Manonaasha only means mind with wrong notions is gone. That happens when knowledge sinks in, for which vaasanaakshayam or purification of the mind is required. 
Hari Om!Sadananda

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Hari Om,

It is said that vaasanaakShaya (वासनाक्षय) and manonaasha (मनोनाश) are
required for jeevana mukti (जीवन मुक्ति).

My doubt is:  If manonaasha happens, then does not it automatically lead to

Are vaasanaakShaya and manonaasha independent?

thank you and regards
-- durga prasad
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