[Advaita-l] vaasanaakShaya and manonaasha

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I have also been told that it is always better to be in dAsa bhAva and talk
in dual sense. Ishvara and you both exists while in physical body.  If
bheda is removed then this distinction ceased to exist.

Duality is retained for kalyANa of sAdhaka-s and is not due to prArabhdha

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In general case it is not possible to return back to body consciousness.
Only if Ishvara has divine plans then one's consciousness descends. But
then one keeps a pseudo ego or keeps some interest in activity like cooking
etch so that connection with body is retained. Mind is filled with the
divine work his he is ordained to do.

In case of SrI abhinav vidyatirtha in his biography Swami ji was in a type
of nirvikalpa Samadhi from where he himself could not be brought down to
body consciousness. He was brought down by his guru.

Hari OM

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So for a jivanmukta even prArabhdha too is destroyed

The above statement is not clear to me. If prArabdha is destroyed, then the
body should
drop off leading to vidEha mukti.

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