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> When we discuss SDV or DSV, or that any verses speak about them, what
> factors are taken into consideration?

​The most important factor is what precedes what from the perspective of
the jIva. If the creation is said to be outside an individual before he
sees it, it is considered as SDV. OTOH, if it is not, it is DSV. In DSV,
there are two flavours, one that says that creation is simultaneous with
the sight, while the other that says that sight itself is creation.

Is bahirdRSya (bahir-drishya,
> extrovert, cosmos, macrocosm) is taken into account or is it antatdRSya
> (antar-drishya, introvert, microcosm, inner world, mental world) is taken
> into account.
The terms outside are inside​ are with reference to one's body where one
limit's oneself. That said, DSV says that the body itself kalpita, what
then to mention of the references inside and outside. At this point one may
ask as to kalpita where? If one says inside, then inside from what could be
the next question. And the understanding is that kalpanA is possible in the
mind only, which is also kalpita! Karikakara deals with this very nicely by
saying that the creation is not really there, but its the svabhAva of
brahma. Everything rises in the consciousness and seems to be a creation
followed by everything else when given any reality.

Are you trying to say that whatever is inside (mind) is projected outside.
​Yes, as described above though.​

When we see an object or person, we feel it, experience it, add value to it
> and so perceive it. In other words seeing is perceiving. so seeing or
> darshan is actually knowledge (of object).
​The object is also kalpita, so the sight/ knowledge as generated ​by the
object is a bhrama.

On a related note, the Karikakara says that the same person can go through
all three states and become vishva, taijasa and prajna in jAgrat itself.

--Praveen R. Bhat
/* येनेदं सर्वं विजानाति, तं केन विजानीयात्। Through what should one know
That owing to which all this is known! [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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