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Shanti mantras are more than just for upaniShads. This is known from the
relevant sutras or tradition. For example, udakashanti mantras are
enumerated by Bhagavan Bodhayana. In the Krishna Yajur Veda, the AraNyaka
prashnas have a shAnti mantra at the beginning and the end. The upaniShads
are part of the AraNyaka. For the Krishna yajur veda there is no R^iShi or
chhandas. The devata is known through traditional interpretations. There is
a kANDa R^iShi, but that's different.


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> Dear learned members,
> We chant shanti mantras before and after the Upanishad recitation.These
> Mantras are different for different Upanishads but some are common to
> various upanishads.
> I need some clarifications for Shanti Mantras.
> 1. What qualifies for shanti mantra out of various mantras in vedas/
> upanishads?Is there any criteria to fulfill to be a shanti mantra?
> 2. There is a rishi and a devata for each mantra. Where can I find a
> reference of these rishis and devatas for the shanti mantras?
> Thanks and regards,Sudhakar kabra
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