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This is usually decided as per the Veda SAkhA to which the upanishat text
belongs. Except for the ISopanishat, each text occurs as part of a larger
AraNyaka or brAhmaNa text. The corresponding SAnti mantra is included as
part of the entire textual transmission.


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> Dear learned members,
> We chant shanti mantras before and after the Upanishad recitation.These
> Mantras are different for different Upanishads but some are common to
> various upanishads.
> I need some clarifications for Shanti Mantras.
> 1. What qualifies for shanti mantra out of various mantras in vedas/
> upanishads?Is there any criteria to fulfill to be a shanti mantra?
> 2. There is a rishi and a devata for each mantra. Where can I find a
> reference of these rishis and devatas for the shanti mantras?
> Thanks and regards,Sudhakar kabra
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