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> I think one answer is Advaitis say Brahman is Satya and Gunas are not
> Satya. But this is not Bheda between Brahman and Gunas. Why? Because if
> there is Bheda between a Satya Vastu and a Mithya Vastu that Bheda is also
> Mithya only. When the Mithya Vastu is not there Bheda also is not there.
> Therefore we have protected the Abheda Doctrine of Advaita. No Siddhanta
> Hani.
> The Dvaitis cannot  come back and say if you say there is no Bheda or Bheda
> is Mithya you are agreeing Abheda between Brahman and Gunas. No that is not
> correct because if Gunas are not existing where is the question of Bheda
> and Abheda?
> It has become a bit confusing but I tried to keep my head and
> thoughts clear.

Davitin's paxa is that bEdha (any bEdha) is the very svarUpa (self same
nature) of the dharmi. For a bEdha to exist, no need for two real entities
to exist.

Do you agree there a bEdha between you and vandyAputra?

Obviously yes. Even though pratiyOgi is non-existing, the bEdha is still
exist. Why? This bEdha is self same nature of anuyOgi 'you'. By yourself
being sat vastu yourself on your own, you stand 'differentiated' from all
other non existing entities.

These fine points are explained well in a nyayA terminology in a work call
bEdhOjjivana by Sri.VyasatIrtha (of nyAmrita fame) refuting earlier work
bEdha dikkara by Sri.nraSihma sharma (?)

Please study that if you can.


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