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> Namaste Venkatraghavanji,
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> > To be fair, Srinath ji will argue that earlier he was postulating the
> > *necessity of the knowledge* of pratiyogi for *knowing the difference*
> from
> > that object, whereas now he is *ruling out the necessity of the
> existence*
> > of the pratiyogi for the *existence* of bhedA with  it.
> >
> > ​
> Thanks for that interesting insight.
> ​ To make that statement, we can fairly assume that such bhedaH is
> knowable. How can existence of bhedaH with a non-existent pratiyogin be
> known until the non-existence of the pratiyogin is known?

Why not? pratiyogin vandyAputra is already **known** to be non-existing. It
is already known because of contradiction in shabda prayOga (putra of
barren woman).

In general, for any bEdha to be known, you need to have knowledge about
both anuyogin and pratiyogin. Same example...until you know what is xyz,
you neither deny nor assert between mango and xyz. The xyz could be sat or
atyanta asat, nevertheless it has to be known so.


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