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There are disagreements between Visistadvaitis and Dvaitis in Ananda
Taaratamya. Visistadvaitis will not agree there will be gradations in
Moksha like the Dvaitis are saying.

One more disagreement is Dvaitis will not agree with Visistadvaitis
theory of Brahman as Jagad Upaadaana Kaarana. There is a great debate
on this. Dvaitis have said Brahman is Nimitta Kaarana only but not
Upaadaana Kaarana.

Advaitis will not agree with them both because Jagat is only Vivarta
of Brahman like Snake illusion in Rope.

The great Bellamkonda Rama Raya Kavi has destroyed the Satkaarya Vaada
theory Kaarya is Satya like Kaarana and he has shown Vivarta Kaarana
is correct. Jagat is Not Satya but Mithya only.

On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 5:08 PM, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Thanks for sharing.  Whether there is any difference within this prapatti mArga sAdhana ??  whether these two groups differ one another in philosophical presentation also??  Where can I have more details about it??  Swamy Harshaananda of rAmakrishnAshrama has written briefly about three schools of thought (i.e. A, VA & D) in a small book.  But it will not go into the details of different prakriya-s within the orthodox dualistic traditions.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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> PS :  A special request to Sri Sada prabhuji and Sri Sreesha Rao to throw more light on prakriya bheda within sri vaishNava and dvaita saMpradAya-s.
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> In Srivaishnavas we hear there are Vadagalai and Tengalai Sampradayas. There the difference is in Cat-Kitten and Monkey - Monkey baby type of Bhakti and Prapatti. Cat carries Kitten in mouth and Kitten is not doing anything. Similarly God will carry and look after the Bhakta and he does not do anything. God is doing everything for the Bhakta. In Monkey case the Mother monkey will also carry monkey baby but the baby is holding the mother. It is doing something.
> Similarly God will carry Bhakta but Bhakta has to make some attempt to hold on God.
> In Dvaitis there are so many different Mathas and they have slight different approaches and customs. But they all believe strongly in Jayateertharu and Vyaasa Raayaru and Raghavendra Swami also.
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>> praNAms
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>> Just a curious question.  Do we have different types of siddhAnta pratipAdana (or prakriya bheda) in other dualists school as well as we have in Advaita??  In shankara's kevalAdvaita we have schools like bhAmati, vivaraNa, work which has been dedicated to reconcile these schools' differences and again there are some more works in an effort of presenting the same siddhAnta slightly (and sometimes considerably ) different from these two major schools etc.  I am aware of the ISKCON Vs dvaita, tengalai Vs vadagalai etc.  I am more interested to know whether within mAdhva saMpradAya itself there is any siddhAnta pratipAdana bheda ( I think ashta matha-s and their Achraya-s do not differ within themselves when it comes to Ananda teertha pratipAdita tattva vAda or dvaita siddhAnta).  Likewise whether there is any different prakriya (methodology) within the school of rAmAnuja's SrivaishNava sampradAya and its vishishtAdvaita siddhAnta.  Any related article with regard to this will be helpful.
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>> bhaskar
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