[Advaita-l] Quantum Physics came from Vedas: Schrödinger and Einstein read Veda's

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Tue Mar 7 05:24:40 EST 2017

Namaste Murthyji,


Adi Sankara and many Advaitis in the Sampradaya have known Jagat is Mithyaa many many
centuries back.


>From philosophical perspective, yes, bhArata has reached it's pinnacle but let us also give credit
to western scientists who have toiled day and night to invent.  

Without Thomas Edison, there wouldn't have been electric bulbs; without Wright Brothers, there
wouldn't have been aeroplanes; without Graham Bell, there wouldn't have been telephone;
and without Alexander Fleming, there wouldn't have been Penicillin and so on...who have
improved our life standards.  

Having acknowledged the westerners' contribution to the society whose journey is external; 
the Indian philosophers' journey is internal and the path of the both are mutually exclusive.

However, it is not that Vedas are only concerned with mantras, karma-kanda, pashu-yagas and 
attainment of other world and thereafter.  

It needs a special mention that a technique of excavation of earth for tracing of 
gems and certain metallurgical rocks have been mentioned in mantra-bhAga.  The gems and mettalurgical 
rocks were identified with the help of "garuDa".  These aspects should have been studied deeply by our
our traditional scholars rather than engaging discussions whether Jagat is mithya or satya.  The over-emphasis 
of jagat mithyAvAda and teaching of vedanta to every tom, dick and harry has resulted in pseudo-vairAgya 
who pose a jnanis.  Unfortunately, today's bhArata has produced more castor oil faced saffron-donned sanyasis
rather than adept purva-mimamsa grihasthAs with mastery on prayoga vidhi.  Every tom, dick and harry is a 
sanyAsi here and blabbers vedAnta !

A veda sabha was organized couple of years back which was presided by Mahamahopadhyaya
Vishwanatha Gopalakrishna Sastry Garu who mentioned this.   


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