[Advaita-l] Sri Haridasa Bhat's Brilliant Presentation of Sat Khyaati Vaada

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> Visistadvaitis say there is no Illusion anywhere. The silver in shell is
> actually there. Snake is there in rope. Water is there in the mirage.
> >  For that matter there is a vAda in Advaita saMpradAya too which says
> there is anirvachaneeya 'rajata' in shukti, anirvachaneeya udaka in
> mareechi !!??  so below 'gamana' will be applicable  to Advaita as well.

The big difference is we say Anirvachaneeya rajata is not Sat. It is not
real. We don't agree Mother is in Wife at Vyavahara level. Therefore no
Dosha in Patni Gamana.

> Sarvam Sarvaatmakam is the slogan. Everything is there in everything.
> One best example Sri Haridasa Bhat gives from Nyaya Sudha is if Mother is
> in Wife and Wife is in Mother there will be Matru Gamana Dosha Pratyavaaya
> for a person even if he is doing only Patni Gamana.
> >  I don’t know what you are trying to prove here by quoting absolutely
> ridiculous & senseless objections of dvaitins here !!??  From this do you
> want to say, like dvaitins, we the advaitins also have to accept that
> there exists absolute bheda (paNcha bheda what they propagate)  to avoid
> the mAtru gamana dOsha ??  Don’t you think not only v.advaitins even
> advaitins would have to face the senseless objections like above when they
> say : aham annam, annaada shloka karta, sarvaM brahma mayaM jagat, edam
> sarvaM yadayamAtma etc.   Long time back, in vAdAvaLi group,  some enthuse
> dvaita bandhu, during debate,  asked me, if you are brahman and I am also
> brahman and there is no bheda between jeeva-jeeva, why don’t you transfer
> your bank balance to my account??  ( I am putting this very gently to
> maintain the decorum  of this list...his choice of 'transfer' was something
> 'else').  What would be your answer to him as an advaitin ??  The answer
> that you give to him from advaita perspective  would be the answer to the
> above socalled nyAsudha objection as well.

You must understand Advaitis have accepted Vyavaharika Satya. In this there
is Bheda. We are only saying No Bheda in Paramarthika. At that stage there
is no bank account and no money also.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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