[Advaita-l] Who has Ajnana/Maya?

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Thu Mar 16 01:05:54 EDT 2017

Hare Krishna

   1. Who has Ajnana? If Jeeva has ajnana, that is inconsistent since the
   existence of Jeeva's identity is Ajnana and we cannot call Jeeva "has"
   ajnana any longer. But if paramatma has ajnana, that is a blemish on

>  This is basically a question about avidyA Ashraya.  Though it is a deep subject to discuss locus of avidyA, it is quite evident that there is an apriori acceptance of existence of avidyA, so dvaita already creeped in :-) in the dvaita vyavahAra the avidyA is for the one who is asking question about avidyA...shankara in 4th adhyAya of sUtra bhAshya clarifies this.  The pUrva paxi objects by countering am I ( the questioning person) not the brahman according to you??  The vedAnti clarifies if you realize that truth then be clear that there is NO avidyA to anyone whatsoever.  

   2. If Maya is an attribute of Ishwara, then doesn't Mayatva contradict
   the nirgunatva aspect that Advaitins claim?

>  A nirvarNa light would have all the colours likewise a nirguNa brahman who has the svabhAva of sarjnatva and sarvashaktitva can also have the Shakti in the form of mAya.  Is this mAyAshakti different from mAyAvi ??  No, shankara clarifies, mAyAsvarUpa is brahmAnanya (there is no difference between Shakti and shaktimaan) 2.1.8th adhikaraNa of sUtra bhAshya will  have the detailed discussion about it.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS:  there is a treand that says there is anirvachaneeya mUlAvidyA that too in bhAvarUpa which has the Ashraya in brahman itself which is the main cause for the dvaita in brahman etc. To support this stand you will have to hear from other Advaita bandhu-s.  

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