[Advaita-l] jeevo brahmaiva naparaH

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 06:40:23 EDT 2017

Namaste Sri Venkatraghavan Ji,

Reg  << Any sambandha, even tAdAtmya or ananyatva, presupposes having
two entities between whom a sambandha is possible.>>,

Sri Bhagavatpada, in BSB 2-1-14, hence interprets *ananyatvam* which
literally means “not distinction” as equivalent to “not real distinction”
(taken from Prof Hiriyanna’s article on *what is ananyatvam* ).  The
sambandha between Brahman and Creation is one between Adhishthana and
AdhyAropa (ArOpita).

Reg  << Ultimately, no point getting attached to words and concepts like
kAraNa, jIva, jagat, Ishavara, avidyA, mAya, satyam, Sankara said this,
vidyAraNya said that, etc - because Brahman is beyond all these, and we
have to necessarily drop every blessed thing in order to know that which is
beyond knowledge.>>,

Yes, undoubtedly. But unfortunately to  “drop every blessed thing in order
to know that which is
beyond knowledge”,  we need all the above “ to know that which is
beyond knowledge “.  Not that you are unaware of this. Nachiketas himself
asks the same question to Lord Yamadharmaraja for clarification.


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