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> Dear Sri Venkatraghavan
>  //No, upon experiencing ajnAna, the jIva
>  mistakenly assumes that he is
>  affected by
>  ajnAna. Neither the experience of ajnAna, nor his
>  superimposition of an experienced attribute as
>  his own are really real.//
> I will attempt to clarify one more time. jIva is sopAdhika
> Atman. jIva = Atman + upAdhis. If you say jIva is
> experiencing ajnAna, it means this bundle of Atman + upAdhis
> is experiencing ajnAna.  upAdhis are jaDa and can
> experience nothing. Out of this bundle, only the Atman can
> experience. Hence this position boils down to the same as
> "Atman is affected by ajnAna".
>  //You can certainly not deny yourself, but it is
>  very much possible to deny
>  something that
>  you erroneously consider to be your self. It is certainly
>  possible to deny an experience. We have wrong
>  experiences all the time.//
> You can deny the object of your wrong experience but cannot
> deny the fact that you had the wrong experience. You can
> deny the tiger you saw in the dream. But you cannot deny
> that you had a dream in which a tiger appeared. 
> // It is a mistaken assumption to hold that the
>  perception or the experience
>  of misery (or
>  anything for that matter) proves its reality.//
> The perception of an apple does not prove the reality of the
> apple. But it proves the reality of the act of perception
> itself. Future jnAna can negate the apple. But it cannot
> negate the previous (erroneous) act of perception of the
> apple. Going back to Des Cartes, I think, therefore I
> exist.
> Regards
> Kalyan

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