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> It is good to say we want Spiritual Globalization like the Swamiji of
> Puttige Mutt but why he is not doing that in African countries? Why only
> rich countries like USA? If he is serious about Spiritual Globalization he
> must go to many countries and spread our Dharma. Why only rich people have
> to come to Hindu Dharma? That is the difference between Christian
> missionaries and him. The Christians purposely go to poor people and spread
> the Faith. But our leaders open Mutt branches in Posh and rich countries
> because they can get money there. Like Rajaneesh many years back he was
> having a Huge collection of Rolls Royce cars given by his followers.

I think it would be incorrect to attribute some other reasons for the
traditional ancient Maṭha-s establishing branches in other countries. What
generally initiates such a move by the Maṭha-s is the presence of a
considerable traditional devotee-following in those places and their
sincere yearning for having their Maṭha there. If such a condition prevails
in African countries the Brahminical Maṭha-s may consider that possibility
too. Maṭha apart, recently someone had shared a picture of Upākarma (Tamil
Smarta) in Dubai. It was indeed an impressive gathering.



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