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Our matadhi pathis going to foreign countries is for helping the Hindus
there to observe our religious instructions in the temples built there and
to create an atmosphere of devotion. They are not going there for money.
Christian missionaries go for converting the poor people to Christianity by
doling out freebies etc as inducement. Our gurus go not for conversion of
the ignorant. Our religion is intellectual oriented. One can begin with no
God and by enquiries could come to a conclusion of his own. There is no
R. Krishnamoorthy.
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> > It is good to say we want Spiritual Globalization like the Swamiji of
> > Puttige Mutt but why he is not doing that in African countries? Why only
> > rich countries like USA? If he is serious about Spiritual Globalization
> he
> > must go to many countries and spread our Dharma. Why only rich people
> have
> > to come to Hindu Dharma? That is the difference between Christian
> > missionaries and him. The Christians purposely go to poor people and
> spread
> > the Faith. But our leaders open Mutt branches in Posh and rich countries
> > because they can get money there. Like Rajaneesh many years back he was
> > having a Huge collection of Rolls Royce cars given by his followers.
> >
> I think it would be incorrect to attribute some other reasons for the
> traditional ancient Maṭha-s establishing branches in other countries. What
> generally initiates such a move by the Maṭha-s is the presence of a
> considerable traditional devotee-following in those places and their
> sincere yearning for having their Maṭha there. If such a condition prevails
> in African countries the Brahminical Maṭha-s may consider that possibility
> too. Maṭha apart, recently someone had shared a picture of Upākarma (Tamil
> Smarta) in Dubai. It was indeed an impressive gathering.
> regards
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