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I do not know if my emails have reached members inboxes. I think the
replies are important as shastras are quoted in favour of travel ban on
foreign land. Every time, we look to Sringeri Math as our ideal and
appreciate it's work to protect dharma. We consider statements of
Shankaracharyas as authentic. They cannot stray away from injunction of
shastras. They themselves have opened branches in USA and Canada. Please
find my earlier responses.

Please find link of sringeri matha USA
It's in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Detroit and Texas. Those living in USA
can talk to them. Have a look at the activities carried out by them. Have
look at calender. It can be downloaded from home page.

Also note that the prestigious work to put our AchArya's prasthAntrayI
commentaries (which includes Brahms sUtra-s) is also supported by some
volunteers living in foreign land.

One of them, if I remember is our very own Sri Vidyasankar jio, who lives
in USA.

Any thoughts on this ??

Hari OM



Have a look at biographies of priests

Also noted that they perform shrādha either at temple or at home. You can
check second last page of calender. They also have rates card which
mentions seva-s like  different kinds of pUja-s, homa-s, and also shrAdha

All these in a matha in USA which it says is affiliated with sringeri matha.

Confused, surprised, happy, sad all mixed emotions in me. What to say!!!!

Sorry Sri Vidyasankar ji for mentioning your name. Never took it
sarcastically. No offenses please. I personally feel you did a great
service. I am saying it from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, Sri Rajiv Malhotra ji is working very hard to defend our dharma.
Now Indian Govt is helping him indirectly. Sri Ravi Sankar Prasad, a
cabinet Minister gave a speech in his conference .

 Importantly he is getting support from Sri Mani Dravid Srastringal and his
students. He even gave awards to him or may be his disciples for their
contribution. Rajivji lives in USA and he has given award to Disciples of
Sri Mani Dravid Srastringal. They accepted this award.

What traditionalists could not do he did it. He opposed Wendy and her
children I.e. her disciples, shendon Pollack and others. But he may be
impure as per our shāstras.

Can't go against shāstras. Can't stop appreciating his hard work. Problem
hai. What to do.

On a lighter note Sriramji, I am reminded how much you love Dr. Zakir Naik
(PBUH). Even my blood used to boil when I saw his videos. I guess
traditionalists didn't responded well or did They or they are not required

Honestly it is always west that stood up against such attacks on our

Look at the site dedicated to Srila Prabhupada. They have done hard work to
upload bhagavat Purana and others scriptures. Nothing if that kind from
India for a long time. There is fit a supersite.  Still there is no
bhagavat Purana in a way it is put by them. It's s western effort.

Yes it has nothing to do with nitya karma or rules laid down by shāstras
but practically it counts. Such portals are an assets for those interested
in comparative study or to study our own dharma and find references.


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> Dears
> Our matadhi pathis going to foreign countries is for helping the Hindus
> there to observe our religious instructions in the temples built there and
> to create an atmosphere of devotion. They are not going there for money.
> Christian missionaries go for converting the poor people to Christianity by
> doling out freebies etc as inducement. Our gurus go not for conversion of
> the ignorant. Our religion is intellectual oriented. One can begin with no
> God and by enquiries could come to a conclusion of his own. There is no
> compulsion.
> R. Krishnamoorthy.
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