[Advaita-l] Chanting Gayatri overseas

Aditya Kumar kumaraditya22 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 12:38:32 EDT 2017

 The root of this problem is Vaidikas don't have a 'home'. A home as in, full freedom to discharge duties as per Vedic norms. The society which we live in is built on a western-liberal philosophy/ideology. The most important part of a Brahmin's life is his brahmacharya/education and that is not there. Next, a Brahmin can't sustain with just Vedic education, there are no Kings to gift land/homes in charity. The only thing that is relevant even today is to get married and have children. From one generation to the next, the vedic influence is loosing out, what we see today is a faint shadow of Vedic life nothing more. But all these were already predicted and no one can do anything about it. 
But slightly modified question would be : is it possible to get liberation or somewhere close to it in this cacophony? The duties of a Brahmin is elaborate but for a hunter, it is simplistic. For someone in Krita Yuga, the norms may be elaborate but in Kali Yuga perhaps it is simple? Or perhaps like a bird or animal, we just have no option but to exhaust our karmas by experiencing/enduring it. 
All said and done, I think there is a path for those who don't follow the Varna-Ashram Dharma. They rely on meditation and mantras (in this case no rules applicable I believe). Vedas are so vast that there are always some options for any scenario. 

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