[Advaita-l] Chanting Gayatri overseas

Aditya Kumar kumaraditya22 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 13:07:14 EDT 2017

 In addition, forget about chanting Gayatri in a dsitant land, how many of us wear kaupina and have shikha while chanting mantras? How many of us know why it is important? How do we make sure the water which we use is pure? how do we ensure that our food is pure? Everything is contaminated and heading towards decay. It's like fighting a losing battle. 
I don;t remember where I read this but there is a description of end times (even end of yugas are counted) - At such strange times, even mantras chanted properly fetch contradictory results, the virtuous will be extremely poor whereas the vicious ones will propser greatly. The virtuous will die quickly, the brahmanas will fly like crows - harassed by wicked etc etc until eventually Kalki counter-attacks. 

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