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There are four possible Karmic effects to chanting the Gayatri Mantra outside of the geographical location of Bharata:
1) Merit (Punya) only
2) Mixture of Sin (Paapa) and Merit
3) Neither Merit nor Sin (i.e. neutral)
4) Sin only
It is highly unlikely that #4 is true, since the command of performing the daily Sandhya will become totally void. The worst-case scenario is #2 - a mixture of Merit (performing Sandhya) and Sin (reciting Gayatri Mantra outside of India).
There is one way to absolve oneself of Sin: the Vedic chanting of Rudram, especially during Pradosham or Maha-Shivaratri, preferably after taking a Bath and keeping one's body and mind clean. Rudra is not an ordinary Deva, but is Devaadi-Deva or Maha-Deva! If there is any sin in one's lack of performance of any Karmas, there is Saving Grace from the Supreme. But the Shiva Purana does exhort one to take a bath and keep one's mind clean before praying to Shiva.

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I was recently advised that chanting Gayatri outside of India is not
proper. Is there a basis for this, even for those born overseas? How would
this affect duties such as sandhyavandanam?

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