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Subject: Assaulting  Sound (Nada) & Noise (Sabda) Ref: TIMES, Author: Dada JP Vaswani
Dear Friends,                         Once it happened that several disciples had gathered around the Buddha one day to listen sermon, but the master chose to remain silent only holding a lotus flower. Now the question aries is that " What did this silence mean?"
The greatest disciple Maha-Kashyapa only gazed intently at the flower and realised the inexpressible meaning of the Master's gesture. He had obtained inspiration directly from the master's gaze & the flower which the master was held. He smiled in gratitude of the Master and Master himself smiled back in recognition of his disciple's subtle sense of insight. This only made that disciple to open his doors to unite his master's soul & made the forward way to reach his Sriguru's Feet. It can be explained in simple terms that he got the wisdom by direct transmission of power i.e Shaktipath which is 'Veera Lakshna'.  There is no need of any sermons or scriptures for that as his feet have that much power to transmit the Kundalini Shakti to the needy disciple. This happens Just like that  and indeed it is bhagavat Nirnayam. As the Master and the disciple are indeed one as they share the physical body and energy is same which they got from the 'Guru Mandala'. The so called disciple once tasted his  mutra to know his self, for that childish act his colleagues teased me as he was doing that foolish act. In reality , he is taking the Sriguru's feet water (which you call it as mutra) so that it contains the power of 7 seas, ganga, yamuna, godavari and all the water on the earth.
Even today the ZEN Masters do not use words to transmit their wisdom  and relying the intutive though process and the grasp of unspoken truths. To find a buddha once has to see the self nature then only one can understand buddha.Silence is looking within to find out true nature. Present situation in the world has tendency to drown in Tsunami for the work pressure and karma of the people's noise. As it is assaulted by constant listening of phone calls often mindless that with whoom you are working, blaring music, non-stop TV,  CD's Listening, endless meetings, lengthy presentation and at times some heated arguments. Noise & Sounds assault all the times.
The best part of silence is that the ego is switched off at least for a while we are focussing our attention inwards.Zen Master's and most ancient faiths set great store by the sadhana of silence. Dhayana and Yoga are based on silencing the mind and emotions as well as speech. Dakshinamurthy Samhita says that 'Thou art he who imparts instruction in utter silence. For doing this it is said that he brought the four learned sanakati Muni's  who are nothing but the veda's and whose physical swarupa's were the 'Sunaka's'.
Sri Guru says that Sunakam is sunakam only as it has the great belief and Viswas for his disciple/Master.
Sri Guru  Padaravindarpana Mastu

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 There was a time when people refused to go after objects or prosperity if
it came in the way of their observing Dharma. There have been instances in
the past when the king sent for scholars while they were engaged in
Anushtanam, they used to send the king’s emissary back saying that they
would come only after finishing their Anushtanam. When such a scholar once
went to the king after finishing his Anushthanam, the king expressed that
he was made to wait for an hour. The scholar replied, “My Anushtana is for
the good of all in the country.” Such was their dedication to their Dharma.

Today, we become happy when we realize that we had such ancestors. But our
happiness and contentment stop right there. How many feel that we should
follow in their footsteps and lead our lives like they did? They put Dharma
and the Lord ahead of everything else. Today people have wealth, status,
comfort and worldly fame as their main focus. What is the point of the Lord
incarnating and taking efforts to reestablish Dharma? What is the guarantee
that one will get born as a human in the next birth?      - ACHARYAL
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