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> On the aside, for all those living abroad, real threat is what Ravi
> Chandrasekhara pointed out.
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> Yes....Caucasian marriages, rajaswalA niyamAs thrown to winds (even in the
> families who boast of performing anuSTAna abroad...).
> The main problem is rajaswalA niyama paripAlana.  In India, almost all the
> ladies in every household know it's implications and atleast try to be
> careful while intermixing with people.  But, there, it is impossible.
> This I got a feedback from a family who once upon a time were siSTAs in
> India.

Sriram ji,

You say rajasvalā niyama is quite well followed in India by the Southern
families? I have found that it is given the go-by in most houses. In a
family I know, when the new daughter-in-law was asked to observe just 'not
entering the kitchen and puja room' during the period, the reaction was
that a nuclear family was created: the couple decided to separate from the
in-laws house. This happened not in any foreign country but very much here.
Most modern girls feel that is an infringement of their freedom, rights,
etc. That is why many elders of the earlier generation are even afraid of
talking such topics with the youngsters. There is also the fear of police
complaint for 'harassment' by the in-ḷaws and their being sent to jail. It
has happened in many decent, middle class brahmin families in India.


> regs,
> sriram
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