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Dear Friends,                       One should live a quality of life indeed it is possible by the perfect balance between the Morals (Niti) & Ethics. Often we confuse between them as both are different and interchanging these may leads to problems. One of the Professor of Theology explains that Morals are the codes of behaviour that we can do and must apply to ourselves. Morals taught us the facts of individual situation, religious beliefs, social obligations and choices some body makes in their personal life. By following ' Niti', it is certain that you may loose many materialistic benefits & will be back in the race.
Where the ethics are the codes of conduct & behaviour that we apply to all people of different levels includes many of them which we don't know them. In order to defend our selves and our country against aggression is ethically sanctioned, but some times it is a part of duty which goes by name of 'Patriotism'. Gandhian code of ahimsa  doesn't encourage violence but follows the objective code of ethics. What is morally right according to an individual or community might not be the same for another. If one makes a moral code with ethical obligation, he can  transgress against many people. At the cross roads we often face different directions by choosing the selective choice of morals & ethics.
If one exchanges and can't able to distinguish between the morals & ethics, there will be no right answers and exists only the right Questions?
Cause & Effect:(Mary T Brown) Karma is Justice. It doesn't reward or punish. It shows no favouritism as it is neutral to all because one has earn all that we receive. Karma doesn't predestine any one or anything as we creates (Shristi) our own causes, Self Interests and Karma adjust the effects.
Prarabda karma is unavoidable, there is no escape, one has to face it completely. One example which I would like to mention here is that the Father & Son share the same physical body(sukshma sarira). Once it happened that the son asks the right question?, my dear father: the lady whom you met (the mother) and from which I came is troubling both of us and she is assuming many forms and playing in different roles by troubling & hurting us. Although she is helping in reducing our karma little, but she is crossing the line may times. Then the father replied the son that, My dear son: I did a mistake by meeting that woman, I will take care of her, since you came from my bottom, you  please go head on your chosen path by going from my head as I will give the way to you, since you are my son only. As you said, the woman is troubling everyone, but there is no choice of morals/ethics are here or any escape exists. Ultimately the woman only has to leave us by giving the final way/ the path which leads to Liberation.
Any learned members may contribute their views. Source: TIMES, Author: Jug Suralya
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