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> In the Prapanchasāratantra of Shankaracharya there is a verse that asks
> the aspirant optionally to meditate on Rudra in the form of a babe:
> Chapter 26 [Dakṣiṇāmūrti upāsana]
> अथ वामलकमलपुटा-
> न्तरितं शिशुवेषभूषणं रुद्रम् ।
> ध्यात्वा जपेद्यथाव-
> द्धुतक्लृप्त्या मृत्युनाशनं दृष्टम् ॥
> Is there any reference to this form of Rudra in any Vedic or smṛti texts
> or even in the kāvya-s?

A friend shared this information in another forum in response to the above
query of mine:

// Yes, there is! Soon after the tripura-samhAra, shiva assumes the form of
an infant to subdue Indra's pride. This is well documented in mahAbhArata
and in couple of purANa-s also (If i recollect correctly it is in skAnda,
siva purANa-s too).

Here is the extract (English translation by KMG). This story exists in
mahAbhArata - droNa parva - Chapter 202.

"While the triple city commenced to burn, the goddess Parvati repaired
thither to behold the sight. She had then on her lap, a child having a bald
head with five clumps of hair on it. The goddess asked the deities as to
who that child was. Sakra, through ill-feeling endeavoured to strike that
child with his thunderbolt. The divine lord Mahadeva (for the child was
none other), smiling, quickly paralysed the arm of the enraged Sakra. Then
god Sakra, with his arm paralysed accompanied by all the celestials,
speedily repaired to the lord Brahma of unfading glory. Bowing unto him
with their heads, they addressed Brahma with joined hands and said, 'Some
wonderful creature, O Brahma, lying on the lap of Parvati, in the form of a
child, was behold by us but not saluted. We have all been vanquished by
him. We, therefore, desire to ask thee as to who he may be. Indeed, that
boy, without fighting, hath with the greatest ease vanquished us all with
Purandara at our head.' Hearing these words of theirs, Brahma. that
foremost of all persons, acquainted with *Brahma*, reflected for a moment
and understood that boy of immeasurable energy to be none else than the
divine Sambhu, Addressing then, those foremost of celestials with Sakra at
their head, Brahma said, 'That child is the divine Hara the Lord of the
entire mobile and immobile universe. There is nothing superior to
Maheswara. That Being of immeasurable splendour who was beheld by you all
with Uma, that divine lord, had assumed the form of a child for Uma's sake.
Let us all go unto him. That divine and illustrious one is the Supreme Lord
of the world. Ye gods, ye could not recognise that master of the
universe.' Then
all the gods with the Grandsire repaired to that child, endued with the
effulgence of the morning sun. Beholding Maheswara, and knowing that he was
the Supreme Being, the Grandsire Brahma thus adored him: Thou art
Sacrifice, O lord, thou art the stay and refuge of the universe. Thou art
Bhava, thou art Mahadeva, thou art the abode (of all things), and thou art
the highest refuge. This whole universe with its mobile and immobile
creatures, is pervaded by thee. O holy one, O lord of the past and the
future, O lord of the world, O protector of the universe, let Sakra,
afflicted with thy wrath, have thy grace.'

"Vyasa continued, 'Hearing these words of the lotus-born Brahma, Maheswara
became gratified. Desirous of extending his grace, he laughed aloud. The
celestials then gratified (with praise) both Uma and Rudra. The arm of the
thunder-wielding Sakra re-got its natural state".

Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula //

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