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> Namaste
> Just a thought..
> >> And a sanyAsi also does not depend upon any particular thing for
> security , he does not have a bank balance, a house or >> anything.
> Is this (parivrajaka / paramahamsa) practical today ?  (without dependency
> on ashram or mutt or something for sustenance)

Dear Ravi Kiran ji,

Your apprehensions are not out of place. And what Swamiji has stated is not
what is unreasonable. He has stated the spirit of sannyāsa in clear terms.
Taking the practicality of the sannyāsa āśrama one has to come to terms
with physical dependence on a place for contemplation, food, etc. In the
Yatidharma sangraha of a few centuries old, there is mention of sannyasin-s
living in a maṭha. The availability of pure food for bhikṣā is very
difficult in the non-maṭha scenario for there are no functioning agrahara-s
where vaidika-s live. Someone who has realized the truth can of course be
anywhere and in any circumstance. For those sannyasin-s who are sādhaka-s
an infrastructure conducive to their sādhana is required and are available

Shankara says about a jnani-sannyasin in the BGB that he is not perturbed
in the least due to non-availability of even the basic requirements for
sustenance. He is such a one who is not attached to either life or death.
BGB 9.22. अनन्यदर्शिनस्तु न आत्मार्थं योगक्षेमम् ईहन्ते ; न हि ते जीविते मरणे
वा आत्मनः गृद्धिं कुर्वन्ति ; केवलमेव भगवच्छरणाः ते………  In the Iśā bhāṣya
he cites a passage   ‘न जीविते मरणे वा गृधिं  कुर्वीतारण्यमियात् इति पदं
ततो न पुनरेयात्’ .

Dear Praveen ji,

Could you please look at the word 'gṛdhim' and gṛddhim' in the two passages
and explain the difference if any or that either of these is a printing
error?  Thanks.



> Thanks
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