[Advaita-l] The Glory of Sannyasa

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> It does not "need" to be done but it happens naturally because the finite
> names and forms are no longer of any interest to the jnani.
> This is quite true. Even in recent times, an incident is quoted by HH
Abhinava VidyAtIrtha mahAsvAminah about his guru HH Chandrashekhara BhArati
mahAsvAminah, which he quotes in the introduction to the latter's (partial)
commentary on the VivekachuDAmaNi.
'व्याख्यापूरणाय आचार्यपादान् कदाचिद्वयं प्रार्थयाम | "वक्तव्या अत्रैव
संगृहीता: निधिध्यासनमन्तरा नाधुनान्यत्र चित्तं व्यापृणोति" इति
आशयमाविरकुर्वन् |'
Of course, the latter is already a sanyAsi, but the frame of mind of a
jIvanmukta is quite evident.


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