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> Dear Friends, Before we,  discuss about sanyasa, is it not more 
> beneficial to know/cognize our true svarUpa as taught by the Sruti and 
> Revered Acharya first. The prakriya for cognizing the same has been very 
> clearly and in the most direct & simple way has been given by Srutimata 
> in the mantras 2-1-3& 2-1-4 of Kathopanishad and Mantra 2-4 of 
> Kenaupanishad. Then automatically the ochre robe is worn inwardly. Why 
> not give a try? Let us not forget that SrutimantradraShtAras 
> were married persons.

Not all of them.  The relevant text for this topic is Maitreyi Brahmana of 
Brhadaranyaka upanishad.  Rshi Yajnavalkya was married (twice no less!) 
but on "cognizing his true svarupa" as you said left the grhastha ashrama. 
Ask yourself why was it neccessary?

Also bear in mind that the one who renounces because he has seen the 
illusionary nature of worldly bonds (the vidvan.) is only one type of 
sannyasi.  There is also he who takes to sannyasa (the vividisha) 
precisely because that is the most "direct and simple way" to know.

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