[Advaita-l] How can the reality of brahman be proven?

Kalyan kalyan_kg at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 05:53:06 EDT 2018

//The answer becomes easy if you change Brahman to Self. Because in Advaita
both are one and the same. How can you prove you yourself exist? Do you
need a proof? Or not? Do you have doubt you are existing or not? Do you
need faith in Sruti to tell you you are existing?//


There is a self-evident sense of self in me right now. But there is no proof that this sense of self is permanent. In fact, we see people taking birth and undergoing death everyday. I dont remember having a sense of self before my birth. Nor do I know what will happen after my death. 

Now one may say - I dont remember doesn't mean it did not exist. Fair enough. But we are talking about proof. One needs to show that my sense of self existed whether or not I remember it. 

If it were so simple, then even nAstikas would have accepted brahman.

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