[Advaita-l] How can the reality of brahman be proven?

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> Advaitins often claim that the reality of the world cannot be proven. Fair
> enough.
> I want to ask - how can the reality of brahman be proven?
> Is it just a matter of faith in Sruti/smriti? (If yes, then the reality of
> brahman is also a matter of faith. It is not proven. If no, please explain
> how the reality of brahman is proven.)

Sat, Existence, is another name for Brahman. Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma -
Taittiirya Upanishad.  The BG 2.16 says: There cannot be non-existence of
Existence. This is a fact that cannot be disproved by anyone, any logic. No
need to rely on Shruti or Smriti for this. That which is Existence is
Real.  Sat eva Satyam, Sat alone is Satyam - says the Shruti too. It is
only because people do not pay attention to this fundamental Existence,
being carried away by the fleeting existence of objects/events/people, the
Shruti has to draw one's attention to this fact of the non-destructibllity
of Sat. There is no form or name for this Existence but it can never be
denied by anyone by any amount of logic. Shankara asked the Shunyavadin:
how can you negate the existence of the negator-of-everything? There is no
power or logic that can negate the negator, making him the fundamental
un-negatable reality. That is called Brahman.


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